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Custom Cappers unlike other sports handicapping forums is operated as a hobby and not a business. We offer limited memberships and have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bashing.

<blockquote><h3>Custom Cappers</h3>A sports handicapping forum about working together to build winners, have fun and keeping it drama free.</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>Service Plays</h3>Custom clean service play threads. No shills, begging or bashing. Just the plays.</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>Get off the bench.</h3>Join in on the conversation. Sign up today for one of our limited memberships. </blockquote>
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Change Ahead

change ahead

If you could go back in time to about 10 years ago, you would see how much these forums have changed. The idea and the concept of them was and still can be a great idea. But somewhere along the way these sites began to change. The majority of the members started to just sit back and wait for winners to be hand delivered too them. It went from just following the top forum posters to following service play threads.Read More …