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We’re no longer accepting new members.



forum registrationAfter 8 years I have decided to no longer accept any new member accounts. These forums have changed over the years and not for the better. There just comes a time where you have to say enough is enough. The majority of people that visit these forums now are just looking to view service plays. We have approved over 200 new members in the last year and out of that less than 3% have anything to contribute.

There is more time spent banning spammers and deleting non active accounts. Then there is to anything else on here. None of this is meant as an insult. It's just that hosting this kind of traffic and dealing with the extra work doesn't make much sense for a free site. This site is operated as a hobby. So traffic and thread views mean nothing to us. It's also why we can have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bashing. 

The good news is there are plenty of sites like ours that have no problem hosting the above mentioned type of traffic. This site is about people working together and having some fun. It's not a place to hangout and look for others to pickup the tab for plays you want to see. It's also not a place that will ever condone putting down other members for any reason period. With all that being said. Operating a site in that manner will always limit how many members you will have on these type of sites. The guys that just contribute and try to have fun will always be in the minority. 

Some people will read this and still email the site requesting to join. I'm not trying to be rude or insult anybody. But we have tried that approach as well in the past. The results are pretty much the same. Less than 3% of those emails resulted in productive members.

With this closing of new accounts we will also be removing some of the current member accounts as well. What is required to keep your account was explained in the rules when you signed up. It's also hosted on a page on the site, with multiple links to our rules all over the forum. If you lose your account because you didn't contribute to the site that will be final. Sending an email saying you didn't read that will not get your account back. Honestly at the end of the day contributing on here is a choice. It shouldn't have to be a rule on a site that is operated as a hobby.

Thanks to all the members that remain with us and those that have followed us over the last 8 years. I would never say never when it comes to adding a new account. But that person would have to be highly recommended by one of our top contributing members to even be considered.