Forum Rules

Forum Rules

Custom Cappers is a free site operated as a hobby and not a business.


All members must follow these rules to keep their account.

  • No bashing. 
  • No racist or discriminating post allowed.
  • No posting of links, social media accounts or contact info without prior approval.
  • Only post records on plays you post on here.
  • No begging for service plays in the service play threads.
  • No begging for newsletters in the weekly newsletter threads.
  • All members are expected to contribute to the site. 

Regarding the last rule.  Below is what is expected of our members. 

Being an active poster. This means posting your own plays.

Posting a newsletter or service plays, doing a tally, tracking a service or just taking part in our live in game threads.

This doesn't mean contribute once or twice a year or that you need 500 post. It means to be involved. Honestly if you're not posting or contributing anything there is no reason that you need an account.


I understand these forum rules are not for everybody. Some people like to only view and never contribute.

The good news is there are plenty of other sites out there happy to host those accounts.