Custom Cappers is a free sports betting forum. The forum is operated as a hobby and not a business. With that being said we're only interested in the following type of members.

Members who contribute the following way...

  • Post service plays
  • Post newsletters
  • Post your own plays
  • Donate to our non profit charity at least once a year. ($25.00 and up).

You must also follow these real simple rules.

  1. No begging for service plays in our daily service play threads. (Use the chat box)
  2. No begging for newsletters
  3. No bashing. We want members who act like adults
  4. No racist or discriminating post
  5. No posting links, social media accounts or promoting services
  6. All members must contribute. Donate once a year or post on a regular basis
  7. If you don't follow rule 6 your account will be deleted and IP address blocked.
  8. Violate rule 1 or 2 you get a 3 day ban, next time account deletion.
  9. Violate rule 3, 4 or 5 your account is deleted and IP address blocked.

If you would like to donate click here.

If you decide to donate. Please put your username in the donation email. There is also a link to donate at the top of our forum.

Below fill out the form with the username you want, password you want and let us know how you plan on contributing.

If you're signing up to just view service plays and not contribute. Don't bother we don't need the traffic. Plenty of other forums that don't care if you just hang around. We're a free site with, no advertising, no bullshit and actually have standards.

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